Larson Electronics’ Magnalight introduces dual mode high intensity discharge flashlight


Larson Electronics’ is adding a rechargeable high intensity discharge flashlight that offers extreme high output and durability in a compact design.

Fully sealed and waterproof and producing up to 4,700 lumens of light output, these rugged HID flashlights are designed to meet the demanding requirements of military applications and emergency responders. Fully sealed against water and dust, portable, able to operate in high or low output modes, and constructed of high grade aerospace aluminum, the Magnalight HIDH-3550 HID flashlight is ideal for use as a diving light, tactical light, and portable emergency services light, Magnalight says.

The HIDH-3550 dual mode HID is designed to provide military personnel, emergency services responders, and security/law enforcement personnel with a portable high power lighting solution that can operate for up to 110 minutes on a single charge. Constructed of machined aerospace aluminum and featuring high and low operating modes, this compact HID flashlight features 3,200 lumen output in low mode capable of producing a beam 5,000 feet long and 4,700 lumen output in high mode for a beam 7,000 feet long.

Operation is controlled by turning a collar ring switch counter clock-wise for low 3,200-lumen mode, and clockwise for high 4,700 lumen mode. The flashlight is designed for heavy-duty use with the lamp body and battery casing formed from machined aerospace grade aluminum that can withstand abusive conditions and handling without any degradation in lamp performance.

The lamp reflector is actually machined into the lamp head assembly, Magnalight says, reducing the number of parts and greatly increasing resistance to damage from dropping or impacts. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is also encased in the same high grade machined aluminum and provides 110 minutes of run time in low mode and 70 minutes in high mode. The lithium ion battery is equipped with a protective circuit to control battery charging, which Magnalight says prevents over- or under-charging damage while providing easy recharging without complicated recharging procedures.

The HID flashlight is rated to 50 meters of submersion, making it well suited for use as a dive light and fully sealed against rain and wet conditions, Magnalight says. An included removable handgrip provides very secure handheld operation and also allows the light to be hung from tree branches, poles, or similar items for hands free operation when using the unit as a task or portable area light.

The rechargeable light is very well balanced, and the specially designed housing helps to efficiently dissipate heat from the HID lamp, Magnalight says, helping the flashlight run cooler than similar HID flashlights and reducing the chances of accidental burns. The flashlight offers long run times, variable power levels, extreme durability, and beam output reaching up to 7,000 feet in length, the company says, making it an ideal solution for military, law enforcement, emergency services, utility workers, and anyone requiring a powerful yet easily managed source of portable illumination.

“This dual mode HID flashlight’s entire housing is entirely CNC machined out of aerospace aluminum alloy,” says Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’, in a company press release. “Unlike most flashlights that have a separate reflector, this rugged HID light’s reflector is machined into the housing and coated for maximum light output.”



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