Intellocorp, Sea-Flex team up to launch ‘cloud-based’ maritime software

Intellocorp LLC a maritime technology company focused on business and process optimization in the maritime industry, has partnered with Danish ship owner Sea-Flex to jointly launch IntelloShip and SeaPlan, two new “cloud-based” software solutions.

“IntelloShip is a software that has been needed in the maritime industry for a long time. The added value of IntelloShip is significant and will add transparency, timeliness as well as cost savings,” says Shannon McKee, former VP of Ship Revenue, a division of Norwegian Cruise Lines, and currently president of Access Cruises, in an Intellocorp press release.

Combined, IntelloShip and SeaPlan give a better overview of the daily operations, Intellocorp says, and provide executive teams with a tool for monitoring the actual performance of the company and making value-added decisions. Additionally, both management solutions come as a Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) or as an On-Premise-Software solution. SaaS solutions provide cost savings, Intellocorp says, and also require no installation.

The SeaPlan vessel management software is a unified platform, facilitating management with a comprehensive overview, and connecting all management areas on one platform. It’s designed to also help the ship owner keep track of legal or internal compliance of planned maintenance programs, international safety management, certificates, purchasing, stock inventory and budgets.

IntelloShip, a business intelligence software for ships, ship owners and ships managers, gives executives a better overview of the daily operations, Intellocorp says. It’s also designed to enable the ship owner to more effectively analyze data and improve decision making; increase transparency throughout the organization; foster collaboration throughout the organization; and provide enhanced drill down capability.

Intellocorp says the partnership with Sea-Flex will help the Miami-based company gain global exposure by having a partner overseas, and offer multiple business opportunities within the maritime industry, especially with the cruise lines companies that are headquartered in South Florida. 




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