WorkBoat names its 10 Significant Boats of 2011


Awards for WorkBoat magazine’s 10 Significant Boats of 2011 were given out Wednesday at the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans. The magazine’s editors presented the awards to the builders, designers, and owners of 10 boats that appeared in the pages of the magazine from December 2010 through November 2011. The winners are:


 ChetzemokaChetzemoka, Salish, Kennewick 

Builder: Todd Pacific Shipyard/Vigor Shipyards

Designer: Elliott Bay Design Group

Owner: Washington State Ferries


 11_30_11Chicago'sLeadingLadyChicago’s Leading Lady 

Builder: Burger Boat Company

Designer: Seacraft Design LLC

Owner: Chicago’s First Lady Cruises



11_29_11ChristopherWheatleyChristopher Wheatley 

Builder: Hike Metal Products Ltd.

Designer: Robert Allan Ltd.

Owner: Chicago Fire Department



 FreedomFreedom and Fort Worth 

(Littoral Combat Ships 1 and 3)

Builder: Marinette Marine

Designer: Lockheed Martin/Marinette Marine Construction Team

Owner: U.S. Navy


11_30_11_IndependenceIndependence and Coronado 

(Littoral Combat Ships 2 and 4)

Builder: Austal USA

Designer: General Dynamics/Austal USA Construction Team

Owner: U.S. Navy


11_30_11_KenBoothKen Boothe Sr. 

Builder: Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair

Designer: Bay Engineering Inc.

Owner: Seajon LLC



11_30_11_MeganParkerMegan Parker 

Builder: C&G Boat Works

Designer: CT Marine

Owner: Parker Towing Co.



 11_30_11_OceanProjectOcean Project 

Builder: Master Boat Builders

Designer: Master Boat Builders

Owner: Oceaneering International



TigerTiger Shark PSVs 

(Dwight S. Ramsay, Betty Pfankuch)

Builder: Eastern Shipbuilding Group

Designer: STX U.S. Marine Inc.

Owner: Aries Marine Group


11_30_11_HerculesTristan K. and Hercules 

Builder: Washburn & Doughty Associates

Designer: Robert Allan Ltd.

Owners: Bay Houston Towing Co.

and Sudermann & Young 


6/10/2012 7:25:44 PM Bruce Buls says:

Yes, the boats have been controversial, both for the initial costs and for the list. The Chetzemoka has also had some mechanical problems.
But the new boats are still "significant," and that is what the awards are for. These are the not the "best" boats or the "top ten" boats that we select every year, they're what we three editors considered the most significant boats of the year. That's a subjective category, to be sure, but that gives us an opportunity to recognize a variety of vessels for a variety of reasons. As to the Chetzemoka and sisters, this is first newbuild ferry class for WSF in may years and they are certainly significant in that respect. This is also an interesting modification of a design created originally for an offshore run in the Northeast and it's a departure from the totally symmetrical designs of other WSF car ferries, which is one of the reasons they list.
"Top heavy, roll-over pieces of junk"? I don't think so. They certainly carry some weight up high for a relatively shal
12/9/2011 6:29:48 PM LARRY CHRISTENSEN says:

You've GOT to be kidding! Those Washington stae ferries are top heavy, roll-over pieces of junk. The employees have nicknamed them the I-lean class. What a joke this award is!



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