Coalition for Responsible Transportation honors 
TOTE’s conversion of ships to LNG

The Coalition for Responsible Transportation has commended one of its members, Totem Ocean Trailer Express, for becoming the first container shipping line to announce that it is converting its Orca class vessels to use liquefied natural gas as their primary fuel source.

The conversion will advance the use of alternative fuels technology in container shipping, the coalition says, and accelerate the use of natural gas as a cleaner domestic energy source.

“TOTE’s deployment of LNG ocean vessels is a truly extraordinary accomplishment. CRT’s members have been at the forefront of emission reduction efforts in the supply chain, and have been pioneers in advancing the use of LNG technology in port trucks,” says CRT Chairman Rick Gabrielson, coalition member Target’s director of international transportation, in a coalition press release. “The expansion of LNG technology to ocean vessels is truly a game-changer from an emission reduction perspective.”

To TOTE’s knowledge, this will be the first conversion in the world of vessels of this type, the company says. In addition to exceeding the sulfur reduction goals of MARPOL Emissions Control Area requirements by 95 percent, when the TOTE ships are converted, they will achieve significant emissions reductions in all other categories of emissions: particulate matter, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide; making these ships among the cleanest in the world, TOTE says.

“This project is consistent with TOTE’s core philosophies that reflect a deep commitment to the environment and to the communities it serves,” says CRT Board Member Anthony Chiarello, who is CEO and president of Totem Ocean Trailer Express’ parent company, TOTE, Inc. “TOTE is proud to once again be seen as a leader in the U.S. maritime industry.”



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