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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries orders Emsys for AIDA Cruise new builds


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Nagasaki, Japan, has ordered Emsys advanced laser emissions monitoring equipment from WRSystems Ltd. for two new-build vessels in construction for Carnival cruise line’s AIDA Cruise brand.

The two 125,000-ton passenger vessels, which are the largest ever constructed for AIDA Cruises, feature many innovations that will set higher standards in vessel environmental performance, WRSystems says.

The Emsys continuous emissions monitoring system has a unique laser-based emissions sensor, WRSystems says, allowing high accuracy measurement for up to 10 exhaust stacks. The system also has the capability to measure smoke (opacity) and particulate matter. The standard configuration measures NOx, SOx and CO2, and has been awarded Type Approval by ABS to cover each of these pollutants. Emsys can also be configured to report carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (CH4). These latter gases are not yet covered under IMO Regulations, WRSystems says, but are seen as critical going forward, as the upward trend for using LNG as a marine fuel may bring further challenges regarding air pollution.

WRSystems have previously announced key contract awards for Emsys in the cruise sector for monitoring of exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) on-board two of Royal Caribbean International Freedom class vessels. The Emsys system has also achieved major success in the offshore sector where multiple installations have been undertaken to meet local air permit requirements, WRSystems says.

“WRSystems are delighted to have been awarded this highly prestigious contract,” says WRSystems International Maritime Business Director Simon Brown, in a company press release. “These vessels will be constructed to the highest environmental standards and feature many new technologies to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. The implementation of Emsys will provide real-world verification of the vessels’ emissions footprint and allow optimization of operating performance through continuous emissions monitoring. Emsys has now been implemented in many critical environmental monitoring applications; we believe our combination of high accuracy laser technology and low operating costs to be a significant contributor to the award of this contract. WRSystems is dedicated to setting new standards in performance and reliability in the emissions monitoring sector, and this latest contract further underlines our progress.”

‘These vessels will be the most environmentally advanced cruise ships ever constructed, therefore choosing the correct suppliers is critically important,” adds Irene Wong, purchasing coordinator of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America. “We are pleased to be working with WRSystems of Norfolk, Va., by installing their Emsys laser emissions monitoring system on this project.”





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