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FloScan’s new Series K stainless steel flowmeters earn ABS certification

FloScan Instrument Co.’s new Series K Stainless Steel Diesel Flow Sensor has earned ABS Product Design Assessment Certification.

Companies operating ABS-classed vessels will now be able to profit from using FloScan fuel computers, networking components and software applications to reduce operating costs and improve fuel accountability, Seattle-based FloScan says.

FloScan fuel monitoring systems for permanent installation on diesel and gasoline engines are installed worldwide on commercial and recreational vessels, stationary industrial generators and general aviation aircraft.

Since FloScan flowmeters were first introduced in commercial aircraft 40 years ago, more than 750,000 FloScan sensors and systems have been installed, the company says. Their applications encompass almost every make of gasoline and diesel engine, FloScan says, with power ratings from as small as 25 to as large as 6,000 horsepower.

FloScan says its unique turbine flow sensor design resists clogging that can cause an engine shutdown and therefore does not require a costly bypass circuit for diesel installations. The company says its flow sensors are repeatable to ½ percent and are calibrated at 6 flow points for superior accuracy.

With the introduction of the new Stainless Steel Series K Flow Sensor, FloScan says it can now offer fuel computers to meet the standards required for ABS-classed vessels using all steel piping components for fuel delivery systems (PDA Certificate Number 13-HS1050296-PDA). 



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