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Lifeboat drill kills five crew members on cruise ship


CANARY ISLANDS - Five crew members were killed as part of a routine test of lifeboats on a cruise ship here Sunday. Three others were injured. As reported by Reuters and others, the lifeboat was being brought back up to the Thomson Majesty, operated by British travel group TUI Travel, when a cable snapped and the lifeboat overturned and fell roughly 25 meters into the water.

The vessel was docked at the island of La Palma at the time. Many of the 1,500 passengers were off the ship at the time. 

The ship will remain in port until Spanish safety officials assure themselves that the rest of the lifeboats are in working order and would be safe for any necessary evacuation. 

The Thomson Majesty is registered in Malta and owned by Louis Cruises. The five crew members who lost their lives comprised three Indonesians, a Filipino, and a Ghanian. 

You can see a full report from the BBC here:


2/12/2013 4:47:26 PM luis scott padilla-acosta says:

just imaginate if that situation were realy an abandon ship with passenger waoooo



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