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Ferry damaged while in Vigor drydock

SEATTLE - Reports came in last week that the Chetzemoka, a 64-car ferry in the Washington State Ferries service, was damaged while in drydock at Vigor Industrial. The ferry, in drydock just two years after entering service to have faulty propellers replaced, suffered damage to a 50-square-foot patch on the hull and the keel cooler when its hull shifted when being lifted out of the water, TV station KING reports

As Bruce Buls wrote back in January of 2011, the Chetzemoka, with a $80 million price tag associated with it, has been the subject of intense public scrutiny. "It's difficult not to be unsettled," Buls wrote, "by the cost ... especially with a state budget that is over half a billion in the red and when state services, including ferry operations, are being cut or eliminated."

Luckily, this accident won't add to taxpayer expense. "Vigor takes full responsibility for this and the repairs will take place at not cost to the state whatsoever," a Vigor spokesman told KING. They have also assured the state that they will remain on schedule for getting the Chetzemoka back on the water.

2/4/2013 2:48:55 PM M D says:

which ferry was it that had the melted commutator and what is the status of that repair?
1/22/2013 4:53:28 PM Clark Dodge says:

This is very confusing as I retired as the senior Staff Chief Engineer for WSF. I can not remember how many dry-docking I have done in the 38 years with the state. Never has such a thing happened as I always was present and worked directly with the Dock Master to assure everything was done right. We had divers in the water, lifted to be sure all was correct, then the Dock Master and I would agree to finish the lift. This is why the Staff Chief or his designated Chief Engineer always go with the vessel.



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