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Challenges and Opportunities for Inland Waterways: Webinar Transcript

Released April 2014: This is an edited transcript from the Dec. 18, 2013, WorkBoat webinar “Challenges and Opportunities for Inland Waterways: A WorkBoat Interactive Discussion., moderated by WorkBoat senior editor Ken Hocke. Webinar panelists were: Walter Blessey, Chairman and CEO of Blessey...

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The Future of Shipbuilding: Webinar Transcript

Release Date: April 2014 - Due to a decline in skilled labor, ongoing changes in both safety and environmental regulations, a recovering economy and a need for improved supplier relations, the boatbuilding industry is in transition. In this transcript, industry experts from some of the nation’s...

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The WorkBoat OSV Day Rate Report 2005-2013

Release Date: March 2014 — This report identifies trends and examines how rig utilization and supply affect U.S. Gulf offshore service vessels and crewboats between 2005-2013.

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The WorkBoat OSV Day Rate Report, 2013

Release Date: March 2014 — Day rate analysis for 2013 only. Get analysis of monthly average day rates and utilization for supply vessels and crewboats in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

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WorkBoat 2014 Tug Report

Release Date: February 2014 - In the WorkBoat 2014 Tug Report, we take a look at tug construction in the U.S. The report is not all-inclusive, but provides a great snapshot of tug building activity focusing on what’s being built in the tug escort and assist, harbor tug and other markets.

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WorkBoat 2013 Offshore Service Vessel Report

Release Date: May 2013 — The Deepwater Horizon spill happened three years ago and the effects were catastrophic. But in this time, the industry has grown exponentially. In this 10-page report, the WorkBoat editors explore the offshore service vessel industry.

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U.S. Workboat Industry: Size of Fleet Report

Release Date: August 2012 — WorkBoat has gathered and verified thousands of pieces of data and distilled the results into one report. This reference tool offers a comprehensive perspective on the status of today’s working fleet. ***$300 Discount for WorkBoat Members!***

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The WorkBoat 2013 Compensation Report

Release Date: September 2013 — The editors of WorkBoat commissioned an extensive survey of more than 500 members of the commercial maritime industry. This report examines who makes up the workforce and how wages differ throughout the country.

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Report: Understanding Towing Vessel Inspection Regulations

Release Date: February 2012 — In 2011, the U.S. Coast Guard released the long-anticipated proposed rule subjecting towing vessels to Coast Guard inspections. These complex regulations are expected to have a major impact on the industry, affecting more than 5,000 towing vessels.

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Gulf Of Mexico Outlook: Rig and OSV Markets

Release Date: June 2012 — The Gulf of Mexico has been rebounding after a decline during the deepwater drilling moratorium. In this report, learn how environmental awareness, oil prices and changes in regulations are effecting the offshore industry. Become a WorkBoat Pro Pass member and get this...

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