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January 10, 2013

Did you get a new iPhone for Christmas? Last year at this time, I shared great apps for mariners. Now it’s time to accessorize.

Many in the workboat industry work on board a boat that is on the move. You fly home after your hitch and then rejoin your vessel. Friends and family know you “work on a boat” but they may never see the vessel. Well, I found a cool way to show off you boat (or the boat you wish you were on) on a personalized iPhone case.

Custom iPhone cases

CaseApp lets you design your own iPhone case using its unique designer tool. You simply upload a photo of anything and then it prints onto a hard plastic protective case. There are probably other companies that do this but I ordered some from CaseApp for Christmas and I was pleased with high quality of the image reproduction and the case itself.

There is a simple three-step process to select your phone model, upload an image, preview it, and pay $34, including shipping.

My suggestion for the mariner with a little extra cash is to get two: One of the boat for when you are onshore, and one of your girlfriend, kids or grandkids, or dog to use on the boat.

Have fun in 2013!


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