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Bruce Buls photo 'Tis the season, again

December 13, 2012

Early winter/December is only time of the year in which we traditionally say, “’tis the season.” Summer is a season, too, but you never hear anyone say, “’tis the season for fireworks and barbecues.”

So, since December ‘tis upon us, ‘tis time to salute the year in our wake and to look ahead to the one on the horizon. (Unless the Mayans were right and Dec. 21, 2012, ‘tis the end of it all.)

Coming off our two successful commercial marine trade shows in Seattle and New Orleans, things here at WorkBoat look pretty good. Overall, the workboat industry seems to be humming along pretty well and prospects for 2013 look promising.

One thing I’m looking forward to in particular is more commercial marine activity in the Arctic, and I hope to get up there next summer to see some of it personally. The Arctic really is the new frontier and Pacific Northwest shipyards and suppliers will be important players in its development. 2013 should also be the year that the Coast Guard gets one of its heavy icebreakers back (after a lengthy refurb at Vigor Shipyard in Seattle) and maybe even solidifies plans for a new icebreaker. (How about two?)

So may you "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and “let your heart be light, next year all our troubles will be out of sight.”

Probably not, but I’ll drink to the prospect.


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